Global Health Diplomacy: Concept, Issues, Actors, Instruments, Fora and Cases

A new book on Global Health Diplomacy, edited by Ilona Kickbusch, Graham Lister, Michaela Told and Nick Drager, has recently been published.

The book sets out defining principles for global health diplomacy and examines the current agenda of the field as well as relationships between the different diplomatic areas.

Featured topics include:

  • The legal basis of global health agreements and negotiations.
  • Global public goods as a foundation for global health diplomacy.
  • Global health: a human security perspective.
  • Health issues and foreign policy at the UN.
  • National strategies for global health.
  • South-south cooperation and other new models of development

By addressing the current key issues, Global Health Diplomacy is an essential text for public health experts and diplomats as well as schools of public health and international affairs. The textbook includes plentiful of examples, discussion questions, reading lists, and a glossary.For more information, click here