National and Global Platforms for Non Communicable Diseases: The Way Forward

The UN High Level meeting on non communicable diseases (NCDs) and the resulting Political Declaration created as many questions as they answered. Notably in relation to decisions about NCD targets, indicators and monitoring and the form that a global platform to oversee NCD strategy and monitoring will take. This session at the Geneva Health Forum 2012 sought to tackle these questions. The session was co-organised by Global Health Europe. It took the form of debate and discussion chaired by Dr Samantha Battams, Global Health Programme, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland. Introductory remarks from five panellists were followed by Q&As.Panellists included Swiss Health Ambassador Gaudenz Silberschmidt, Ms Judith Watt, Interim Director, Non-communicable Diseases Alliance, Dr Olivier Raynaud, Senior Director, Global Health & Healthcare at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Ms Ruth Veale, Head of the Food, Health, Environment and Safety Department, BEUC, (the European Consumers Organisation) and Mr Ryoji Noritake, Director, Health and Global Policy Institute, Japan. 

For a summary of the session please see here.