About Global Health Europe

Global Health Europe is a community that promotes synergy between the policy spheres of public health, foreign policy, development, and research for health.  Our aim is to improve global health governance through a more coordinated, coherent, consistent and committed European engagement.

Through Global Health Europe events, publications and online discussions, policy communities that have not yet systematically worked together will find a platform for collaboration.

Global Health Europe is set up as a not-for-profit, non-partisan platform and think tank. Originally known under the working title “The European Council on Global Health” the mandate to establish Global Health Europe was born out of a meeting of over 30 organisations in January 2008.

Global Health Europe is hosted by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Global Health Programme, Geneva and the Department of International Health, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

The Challenge

Global governance has emerged as a critical issue for public health and health policy because globalisation has dramatically affected these policy endeavours and radically changed the challenges and responsibilities societies and their governments face in the health field.

The processes of globalisation are creating new threats to health and its determinants. Health issues that transcend national boundaries include environmental degradation and climate change, inequality and lifestyle changes, access to medicines and health knowledge as well as new and re-emerging diseases and varying capacities to address these threats. But globalisation has as much potential to create virtuous circles for health as it does vicious spirals.

Given the complexity of global health with its cross-disciplinary links to e.g. bio-medical research, economic development and trade, international relations and political science, education, and ecology as well as the equally influential roles of government, civil society actors and the private sector, enhancing good governance for global health will require an intensive and continuous dialogue.

Who We Are

The steering committee for Global Health Europe includes members from Maastricht University, the Global Health Programme in Geneva and Imperial College London. Members are: Thomas Krafft (Chair, Maastricht University), Stephen Matlin (Vice-Chair, Imperial College London), Ilona Kickbusch (Global Health Programme | Geneva), Michaela Told (Global Health Programme | Geneva) and Christoph Aluttis (Maastricht University).


Global Health Europe seeks network opportunities and partnerships with engaged organizations and institutions worldwide. For any inquries, please contact us.