Germany launches its global health strategy

On July 10th, 2013 the German government launched its global health strategy entitled “Globale Gesundheitspolitik gestalten – Gemeinsam handeln – Verantwortung wahrnehmen” (Global Health Policy – Acting Together – recognizing responsibility). The goal of this concept is to make an active and consolidated contribution to solving the global health challenges of our time. As such it defines areas of action where Germany can play a vital role in improving health globally.

At the core of the German global health strategy are the following three principles: 

  • Protecting and improving health in Germany through global engagement
  • Recognizing Germany’s global responsibility for health
  • Strengthening international institutions for global health

The German strategy identifies the following key global health issues:

  • Tackling cross border threats
  • Strengthening health systems worldwide
  • Ensuring intersectoral cooperation for health
  • Promoting and strengthening health research and the health economy
  • Strengthening the global health architecture

The document can be downloaded here: (available only in German)